In the world there are a lot of kids with an objective.
Many of these objectives will be gradually achieved. But what if the kid or the family has a limitation? Than foundation Stichting Play4kids will be there.

The slogan: “At the end of each road there is... a new future" the foundation brings here vision into words. Many of "our" kids have give up their objectives or visions for a lack of opportunities or clear examples. The foundation will do something about that and give these kids opportunities to achieve there objectives.

What is more motivating than read stories about people with a lifestory? A story like yours! You are someone with a vision. You have an own lifestory and that is what the foundation is curious about.....

Are you interested? 
You can reach the foundation via e-mailaddress: or phonenumber: +31 78 844 55 83.

Kind regards,
Saar and Robert Houwaart
foundation "Stichting Play4kids"